Friday, May 6, 2011

Muddy Buddies

Today in photo, Miss Natalie Gould got after me for not featuring her on here. So here her feature.

Natalie is my muddy buddy because we've made muddy buddies every time we've hung out (or at least the majority of times). If you don't know what muddy buddies are, they're a teenagers dream. Melt chocolate (but don't burn it), stir in peanut butter. Put the mixture in a plastic bag with chex mix and shake it like there's no tomorrow. Put powdered sugar in the bag (or a new one if that one's a mess) and shake again. Ta da, you've just made muddy buddies. It's more fun if you've got a muddy buddy to make them with. 
Our friendship all started with making fun of our funny last names. Gould and Pugh. 
Once, Natalie and I did all of driver's ed in one day. We made muddy buddies, pulled out our computers and did the whole online thing. Except I stopped listening, so I played games on and she listened to the classes. Then she told me the answers to the quizzes. That's real friendship right there. I got a higher score on the practice test, but she beat me on the real one, so that was fair. 
Last year, Natalie Gould and I sat in the very back of chemistry class. It was the biggest class I've ever been in, and I'm not 100% sure the teacher knew anything about me. We chatted and had fun and I didn't learn anything about chemistry. Natalie did though, now she's in AP chem. 
Natalie and I are weirdly similar. Emma says we're both alike because sometimes she can't tell if we're being sarcastic or if we're serious. We do make fun of each other, but it works. Anyway, Natalie is great.

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