Sunday, May 15, 2011


I'm the Waterford school's theater department's mascot. What does this mean? This means my best friend is very much involved with the theater department which means I know all about it. I know all the actors drama, which play we're looking to do next, what the audition packet is, who might get cut, who should have gotten cut, where the costumes are coming from, when the memorization date is, which performance will be the best. I know it all. Hell, I'm even friends with the director on facebook.
The funny thing about this situation is I'm not even remotely theatrically inclined. I was in the fourth grade school play and that's as close as I've ever gotten to acting. I pick reading a novel over a play every single time. I'll pick going to a concert over going to a play. It's one of those things I admire from afar but have almost no interest in.
The other funny thing is that we have a kickass theater department.
We do cool plays. None of that "singing in the rain" junk for us. No, we do shows like Dancing at Lughnasa and Pericles. And better yet, we do them astonishingly well.
So yes, I love being theater department mascot. Not that I have any mascot duties (I am working on getting a Shakespeare costume), but I like being a vague part of what I consider to be the strongest point of our school's arts program.
Oh yeah, and the actors are really cool people too.

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