Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm a compulsive journal writer. I just love writing in my journal. I don't write any of that "this is what I did today" junk. My journal has no plot. But it has lots and lots of feeling. There is something beautiful about the methodical examination of one's life through the written word. Also, I love that feeling of slow and steady progression as I fill up a journal. But few of my journals ever get filled. There are several reasons for this. The first is that friend once told me to start a new journal when you start a new chapter in your life because it's very therapeutic. Since I don't plan chapters in my life according to how many pages are left in my journal, so I have many blank pages. The second reason is that the person who got me started journaling told me right off the bat that when you get tired of a journal, you just get a new one, because other wise you don't journal as much as you really want to. The third reason is that I refuse to buy a new journal until I'm done with my old one. That whole having a pile of blank journal thing doesn't work for me, and neither does having 18 journals each for a specific purpose. I work with exactly one journal at a time. I would like to introduce you to my current journal which I started about 2 weeks ago:

It's kinda fun right? This journal is kinda a milestone as far as my journal history goes. First, it's big - 11x9''. So sometimes I get one day on a page and sometimes I get two and sometimes I get one and a half. I like the way it flows, and that I don't feel pressured to fill the page. Second, it's not lined. This is rather monumental because it's my first unlined journal. The pages are thick, off white, handmade and lines would ruin them. This journal is turning out to be the most organic journal I've ever written. You can totally tell my mood based on the size and straightness of my handwriting.

So that's my current journal epic. I bet you didn't know how important journaling is. Dear reader, you should write a journal. Start with a goal of once a week and if after a couple months you haven't found the beauty, I'll reimburse you for the money you spent on the journal.

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  1. Now I have journal envy. I bought a journal with 98 pages and am determined to fill it up. Also bought 5 colored pens. Very satisfying to see the different colors appear in the journal.