Tuesday, April 5, 2011


April is an awkward month. The awkwardest if you ask me. (Awkwardest is an awkward word). I know what you're thinking, how can an entire month be awkward? That doesn't make sense. Don't worry dear reader, I'm here to enlighten you.
The primary reason April is awkward is the schizophrenic Utah weather. The other 11 months of the year you know what the weather will be: January will be cold and June will be hot. For Iffy months like October, May and March if you peak out your window and/or look up the weather report you can pretty much know what the weather will be that day. But April is crazy. It can go from snowy to sunny to raining to apocalyptic. There's no way to dress for all these situations! So you end up in these awkward outfits like a sweater and scarf when it seventy-five degrees and sunny outside or flip flops and shorts when it's snowing. And the rest of the time you're worrying that the weather will change and you'll be dressed entirely wrong.
April is also awkward because there are so many birthdays. I can't keep track of all my friends/acquaintances/people I like who have birthdays in April. Even if I could, I certainly can't afford to buy them all presents or take them all to dinner or anything like that. So you end up in these terribly awkward situations of missing wishing happy birthday, giving presents to some but not others, and/or getting cake for one one birthday person.
April has April Fools Day. This can be awkward if you get pranked and don't realize it, fail at a prank, or overreact. It's awkward to start crying or screaming because of an April Fools joke. It's equally awkward to be planning a prank and get caught, have the prank not be funny, or have them not do it. And what do you do if you catch someone doing a prank? It's a little sad to call them on it, but you don't want to ruin their fun or make them feel stupid.
April only has 30 days. Writing April 31 on a school assignment is awkward. No assignment with April 31 written in the top left corner ever got an A.

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