Friday, March 25, 2011

Princess and the Pea

Cinderella is my favorite princess. But lately I feel like princess and the pea.

Love Dina Goldstein's fairytale portraits

See here's what happens. I get up at 7 and get to school by 7:45. Then I spend 7 hours at school. Then I work until 7. So at that point I've been going 12 hours. Then I come home tired. So I start homework. But I fall asleep, because my will power is 0. So then I wake up like 8:30 and do homework. But at that point I've had just enough sleep that I'm not tired enough to sleep even though I'm worn out. So I do homework and turn my lights out at like 11:30. But I can't sleep. So by the time I finally go to sleep it's a little after midnight. Then my alarm goes off at morning and I curse as I turn it off. So I get through my day courtesy of lots of caffeine and repeat the cycle.

My life is hard, okay?

I promise, next post will be a story.

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  1. Have you thought of giving up caffeine so you can sleep? Seriously, I had to give it up.