Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pretty little car

Actually, my car is big enough to be it's own nation. But it is pretty now.  It looks all new like this one:

My poor car has suffered through a lot. A few months after buying it, we took it off roading in Moab. In hindsight, probably not the best idea. The front left bumper got a dent the size of a dinner platter. Then, I got my license. For the first 4 hours it was great, then I realized how enormous it is and how expensive gas is when you get 12 mpg. Within 2 weeks of me getting my license, I hit another car. Backed into it really, and that put a dent the size of a dinner plate in the back bumper. Since then I've hit: my garage door, several traffic cones, a road sign, another car (but it wasn't bad so they didn't call the insurance), a mailbox, a rock, and a tree. Note that there is nothing living on that list. Anyway, needless to say it needed repair. So over spring break it spent a week in the shop and got a new front and back bumper. Now it's good as new.
Until I hit the next thing.

ps. The color of my car is called "twilight". Now I obviously didn't pick it, my dad did. (technically it's not even my car - it's the third car, but when there are three cars and three drivers it logically becomes mine). Anyway, I'm kinda defensive about my car being "twilight". Why couldn't they think of a better name for that color?

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