Sunday, March 20, 2011

It was an epic fight

but this week kicked my ass:
1) apush test the first day back from break
2) english in-class essay
3) physics - electricity- the circuit does what?
4) 19 hours at work
5) 4 hours babysitting
6) practice sat - 4 hour test
7) never did make it to bed before midnight

But next week I will conquer! Napoleon did it, so can I. We're the same height you know.

ps. here's my story about this painting. We learned all about it in ap euro last year. I distinctly remember spending about 15 minutes on this painting. Then one day that summer in Vienna, I was in the Belvedere and lo and behold I turned a corner and saw this huge painting I had studied. Granted, the artist did make 5 of them, so my chances were pretty good, but still it was very exciting. I love it when things I learn in school apply to real life. I think the crossover between school and life is one of the most rewarding things I ever get to experience. 

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