Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hiking Boots

Tonight my family and I walked into REI. We went straight to the shoe section. I found a salesperson, and said, "I need hiking boots. I have no idea what kind I want, but I need good ones."
"Okay, what kind of hiking are you going to be doing?"
She gave me this you're an idiot look.
The woman next to her, a customer, said, "that's a great starting one."
So the saleslady pulled boot after boot after boot. I learned all about the way hiking boots are supposed to fit. You can't have them too small or too big because if you're feet slide down and hit the end you're toenails will turn black and fall off. If you put you're toe at the end though, you want a comfortable finger behind your heel and the back of the boot. Once you buy the boots, you have to wear them around the house for a day too make sure they're just right. But most importantly, you must tie them tight.
I tied so many pairs of boots so tight I literally wore the skin off my fingers in 3 places. Beginner's mistake.
After all that I got this lovely pair of hiking boots:

They're super hot.

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