Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm not an especially energetic babysitter. Actually, I rather hate babysitting. But I have fun babysitting my cousins. There are three of them. Shayna is 9 and the little sister I never had. Josh is 6, absurdly sweet and a little too energetic. Lizzy is 3. She's fits the 3-year-old stereotype better than any 3-year-old I know. She's cut her own hair twice, and last time I went over there she was wearing purple heart leggings with a pink leotard over it, with a blue skirt over that, mismatched socks and mismatched shoes.

So last time I babysat, I was doing my usual babysitting thing. The kids and I played wii for a couple hours. I get really into the wii with them. Wii is no fun at all is you have actual competition. Especially because my coordination is so terrible. But when you play with kids it's great because there is absolutely no pressure. So then it's just about beating your own high score, which is definitely way better than beating your friend's high score. That sort of competition makes your friend your enemy.
After the wii escapade (they have yet to beat my wii wake boarding high score) I realized that I should probably get them dinner, because that's what adults do. They feed kids. But feeding the kids means heating up hot dogs or chicken nuggets in the microwave. And I always feel guilty doing that because it feels like I'm feeding them poison (thank you JSF). Not only is it meat, but it's the ground up rejections of already disgusting "food". Plus, that means I have to make my own dinner, which is a huge stretch on my domestic capacities.
So in a moment of inspiration I said, "hey guys, let's have milkshakes for dinner!"
Not surprisingly, they agreed wholeheartedly with my choice of dinner. So we pulled out the industrial strength Hamilton Beach milkshake maker, the milk, the oreos, and of corse the ice cream. We had our oreo milkshakes in our big milkshake mugs.
After milkshakes, more wii, and the going to bed routine, I was tucking Shayna in when she said, "Hannah, you're the best babysitter ever."

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