Saturday, February 26, 2011

Let's get rich and buy our parents homes in the South of France

Or... let's get married.
I have mixed feelings about the whole "fall in love and get married" fairytale. This is probably because I am sixteen. Or maybe it's because I'm a teensy bit of a feminist and boys opening doors for me makes me squirm.
Tonight, I went to my darling friend Mika's wedding. Mika and I went to Vienna together (to read more about those adventures, check out She's one of the strongest people I've ever met, and I love her dearly. We went on our fair share of adventures together, including a weekend in Berlin. She married Francois, who seemed to be a lovely person. No gonna lie, I was a little jealous of his French accent.
At a certain point in the night, they called all the single ladies to the floor. I was a little bit worried we were going to have a Beyonce off. Which I would have dominated anyway, but still, I have some friends who can shake their hips.
Then they announced "she's going to toss her bouquet". If truth be told, this is the first bouquet throwing I've been to. And even though I have no intention of getting married in the next 10 years, I wanted that bouquet. Just to catch the damned thing.
So me and my 6 friends all went to the dance floor. Of the five of
us, one was already married (she and her husband are probably the cutest couple ever) 
another is engaged (she got engaged in Europe, we hate her) and the other two are simply gorgeous. We strutted onto the floor, some of us wanting the bouquet more loudly than others. But we all knew we wanted it. Matter of fact, we all knew we were going to get it.
We got to the floor and two other girls came on. One was one of them preteens. The ones that like Justin Bieber and haven't really figured out out to do their hair yet. The other was Angel, Mika's best friend. This was the first time I'd met Angel. She was tall, with legs up to my belly button.
I was psyching myself up to catch the bouquet when Angel turns around and says to us collectively, "I'm just gonna apologize now if I elbow any of you. I take this really seriously."
We all collectively took a step back. None of us want to get married that badly.
Mika turned around and threw the bouquet in a perfect arc. I jumped and had my left hand on it, but the girl next to me, the preteen, got the better of me. Apparently Angel got a hand on the bouquet too.
The next thing I knew, there was a loud thud and Angel had tacked the poor girl to the ground. She stood up triumphant with the bouquet.
 I think she should join eharmony.


  1. Oh my heck, you're my hero. I giggled all the way through this.

  2. Annnnd...this is Jane posting as Harley right now. Oops!

  3. OH dear lol Well Im super honored I made such a hilarious impacted! HAHA Love it and you will definitely be invited to my wedding and make a toast speaking of our first encounter xoxo