Monday, January 10, 2011

School is for schmucks

Over Christmas break I did hours and hours of homework:
75 AP calc problems
Huck Finn for English
4 chapters (about 120 pages) for APUSH
2 books about pinhole cameras for physics
Ridicule for French
So imagine my surprise when I on the first day I realized no one else had done that much homework. Granted, much of it was getting ahead. But I'm a junior. Getting ahead now only means being less behind in 2 weeks. All of last week I had almost no homework. Few things are more energizing than having an almost blank planner coming home from school.
Waterford did a school wide homework survey. Among the students, the most popular of the question was "do you use caffeine to stay awake to do homework or to stay awake during school from lack of sleep?" It was so funny because we all do. Of corse we do. It's a pick your poison kind of game: coffee, green tea, energy drinks, 5 hour energy, or soda.
My mom gets mad when I do too much homework. Not mad at me for doing it, but mad that I have so much and I have such a compulsion to do it. I long ago learned that not doing my homework was not an option. She often threatens to write the school because this amount of  homework is "unreasonable". I always try to explain that that's just the way it is.
But here's the sad thing. I have lots of homework, but I know sooo many people who have soooo much more. Because they're smart, and dedicated. And they'll put in 8 hours a day after school when I would have a nervous breakdown if I did what they do every single day.
And that's just the way it is. But sometimes I have to wonder, why does it have to be that way? When did we lose the value of free time in the last few years before adult hood?
Until then, I'll buckle down, do my homework, and pay a thousand dollars to get Kaplan tutoring for the SAT, since just doing my homework isn't enough to get me into college.

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